Current Volcanic Activity

The table below shows the current alert level of Vanuatu's volcanoes. There is 2 differents types of volcano group, the frequently active volcanoes (Yasur, Lopevi, Ambrym) and the 'dormant' volcanoes (Ambae, Gaua, Vanua Lava).

Suretamatai, Vanua Lava
Suretamatai, Vanua Lava:
Mt Garet, Gaua
Mt Garet, Gaua:
Manaro Voui, Ambae
Manaro Voui, Ambae:
Marum & Bembow, Ambrym
Marum & Bembow, Ambrym:
Yasur, Tanna
Yasur, Tanna:


Volcanic Activity Summary
Vanuatu Volcano
Current Alert Level
Manaro (Ambae)
Marum & Benbow (Ambrym)
Mt Garet (Gaua)
Yasur (Tanna)
Suretamatai (Vanua Lava)

This table shows the description of the NEW Vanuatu Volcanic Alert Level (VVAL).